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I share what I see and have given away more than THREE MILLION photos.

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My Pexels account averages 260k monthly views. The images from my profile get used in publications like Buzz Feed where some images receive more than 300 million monthly views.


Micheile Henderson

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I'm not sure what brought you here, but I'm thrilled you're here. My name is Micheile which is much easier to pronounce than the spelling might lead you to believe. I've always just pronounced it Me-Shell, like Michelle but with a silent e at the end. Rotterdam, The Netherlands is where I live happily with my partner, Ivo and our two black cats –Neko & Pandora. I have a daughter, Cierra who inspired me to become a photographer.

I have many interests including reading, cinema, graphic design, and travel but photography has been my passion for what feels like forever. In the last several years it’s something I’ve spent a lot of time exploring. Here on my website I want to share with you my journey into the wonderful world of capturing light. 

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Most of my work can be downloaded and used for free under the Unsplash & Pexels Licenses. Please download from my profiles on Unsplash & Pexels so you know that it is covered with a license, also you'll have the opportunity to download a resolution that best meets your needs.


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Micheile Henderson's Still Lifes Are Good Enough to Eat

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