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On Unsplash & Pexels you can download my photos & videos, but here you'll get the story and or the process from beyond the scenes.

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In the Freebie Shop you'll find editable templates and ready to print products. Wedding Suites, posters & much more.

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Most likely it hasn't escaped your attention that I give almost all of my photos away! More than THREE MILLION so far!

About me

I'm Micheile (Me-Shell)

I'm originally from northern California where I lived for 25 years, with the exception of some time in Oregon which holds a special place in my heart. In 1995 I moved together with my daughter Cierra to The Netherlands. In 1999 I became a Dutch citizen. I live now with my partner, Ivo and our two cats in Rotterdam.

I’ve always been attracted to things visually aesthetic. As a child I rearranged my room on a weekly basis, and cut out magazine clippings with interesting fonts and pinned them to my walls. My father covered my walls with sheets of OSB allowing me to pin things from floor to ceiling. At a young age I applied to art school, and received my art degree at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising aka FIDM, in San Francisco. My subject was Visual Presentation and Space Design which is quite a mouthful! I explored Visual Merchandising and graphic design —in the 80’s this meant without a computer (that’s how old I am!). I’ve always been interested in taking photos, and for years took photos for my first blog (Vintage Rose Brocante), but my interest piqued when my daughter Cierra, was exploring a career in photography. It wasn’t until 2019 that I decided to take a beginners class to learn more about the technique part of things. Living in a new city, travel style photography became my thing, and I explored street photography but when the pandemic hit, I became increasingly interested in photographing food and still life. It’s a journey that has thus far been challenging but very rewarding.

random tidbits

Hera are a few random things about me.


Art School

I went to FIDM in San Francisco



In the states I worked a s a florist



I have a daughter Cierra


web design

I customized WordPress websites



Ivo & I moved to Rotterdam


I was credited for a photo used in a series

f r e e a n d m a d e

more about me

More tandom tidbits


skater girl

I sucked, but I skated



I was the first girl to play on the all-star team



13th place state championship



I renounced my US citizenship


65 mustang

First car was a 65 Ford Mustang

long time

Organizing & participation for many causes

m y g e a r

My gear

Camera, lenses, backgrounds...

Here is a current list from my most go-to gear and tools.

body & lenses


software & apps

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